THE YES Centre

The YES (Yeshiva Extension and Support) centre is a stand-alone therapy centre offering support to Yeshiva College students and students from outside of our school. The YES centre offers five different therapies:

Occupational therapy
Speech and language therapy
Remedial therapy

The YES centre is home to twelve highly skilled, dedicated and loving therapists who dedicate their time to ensure the growth and support of the children who attend. Each therapy has its own designated room with top of the range equipment. 

Therapies can take place during the school day, which is very beneficial for parents and children. 

We take a trans-therapeutic approach here, meaning that we go beyond the therapies the child may need and ensure that these methods are carried through to the classroom, the home and the entire school environment. 

The YES centre offers assessments to children of all ages, while our attendees range in age from 18 months – 18 years. During this complex time of Covid-19, the YES centre has continued to keep its doors open to assist children, with very strict protocols in place.

Watch this video to understand how the YES centre works. 

Sheryl Cohen - founding member of the YES centre

Sheryl Cohen is an educational psychologist and mother of four. Two of her children have graduated from Yeshiva College, while the other two are currently students. 

Sheryl is the vice chair of the Yeshiva College board, founding member of the YES centre, and head of the advisory board of YES. 

Sheryl was an executive member of psychoanalytic association of child psychotherapists, educational director of Kidsafe SA, regular expert for Your Baby and Your Child magazine and has been a regular guest speaker on Radio and TV. She has also been a keynote speaker for Professional Minds conferences in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban about topics such as; Major depressive Disorder MDB, ADHD and Anxiety.

She has also done teacher training sessions for Advtech schools in South Africa.

Sheryl’s favourite quote: “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

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