The Yeshiva Informal Division (YID) is a vibrant group of madrichim who infuse the school day with Jewish energy, vibrance and fun. Part of this programme includes shabbatonim, Tip Tour and Kfar.

YID Maddie

Gabi Bender

Gabi Bender is a proud alumnus of the Matric Class of 2013. Since graduating from Yeshiva College, he has gone on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce in Law, and is currently doing an LLB. 

Gabi has been a YID maddie since January 2018 and is passionate about inspiring Jewish students. 

Gabi has eight years of experiential Jewish education experiences across Israel, South Africa and the USA.

Gabi’s favourite quote: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but rather the lighting of a fire.” – WB Yeats

YID Maddie

Jayde Ronthal

Jayde is an enthusiastic alumnus who is currently studying Bachelor of Psychology through SACAP (South African College of Applied Psychology). Jayde is married to Lior Ronthal, an alumnus of Yeshiva College too. Jayde is the director of a non-profit organisation, The Friendship Circle, that engages with children and teenagers with special needs in our community. 

Jayde has a love for the Yeshiva College girls high school because of its vibrant energy and loving atmosphere. Jayde enjoys creating meaningful connections with the girls in the Girls’ High School through the inspiring programs. 

Jayde’s favourite quote: “It’s not about being strong until being strong is the only choice you have.”

YID Maddie

Jenny Disler

Jenny is originally from Manchester, England. She moved to Johannesburg two and a half years ago when she married Mathew (who she met on the Bible quiz in Israel). Jenny spent a year in Israel learning. She has a BSc. (Honours) in Psychology and she loves working at Yeshiva College. 

Jenny is passionate about informal education and building deep and meaningful relationships with others. She loves learning Torah and exploring its depth through real questions while engaging with the text.

In Jenny’s free time, she loves to bake and catch up with her friends.

Jenny’s favourite quote: “More than we believe in G-d, G-d believes in us.” – Rabbi Sacks

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